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Master’s Message – December 2019


I would like to congratulate our officers for the 2019-2020 term and thank you for electing me Worshipful Master of the Crown Jewel of the Western Reserve. The officers have largely remained the same, with W. Bro. Jacob Jackson assuming the duties of Senior Deacon. We have performed well in the past and are looking forward to many successes this year.

I hope that you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. We all have blessings, large and small, for which to be thankful. Let us not forget the freedoms we enjoy and also often take for granted. It is never too late to thank a veteran, active service member or first responder for their service to our country or community.

As our new Masonic Year begins, there are some traditional activities that fall in December that require our attention. The first is our participation in the Hudson Holiday Walk on December 8th. We serve hot chocolate and hot dogs among other treats for a donation to the celebrants downtown. It’s a great way to meet the community and to raise funds for the Lodge. Help is needed from noon to five o’clock. If you can help keep the hot chocolate flowing, contact W. Bro. Jackson to sign up for a shift. Honestly, there is more socializing than work, but the more hands we have, the easier the job.

This year, our Christmas Party will be held on December 16th beginning at 6:30 at the Temple. All are welcome and we have invited the Brethren of Meridian Sun Lodge and Rockton Lodge to participate. Of course, the Lodge will provide the meat and we ask that everyone bring a dish to share, we are anticipating about 40 adults, so adjust your recipes accordingly. W. Bro. DeBlaey is heading up the effort and we will be sending more information soon.

At the Stated Meeting on December 2nd, we will have a free will collection for the Masonic Assistance Program. While our Lodge supports a local family at Christmas, we have always been generous to the M.A.P. as well. I know this year will be no different. It has become a tradition for our membership to lead the way in assembling the gift baskets for the M.A.P. distribution each year.

This year, the assembly and distribution of baskets will occur on the same day. We will gather for breakfast at the Waterloo restaurant at 8:00 am on Saturday, December 21st. Then we will move to Craftsman Park to assemble the baskets at 9:00. This has become such an event that we have even had children and wives helping the efforts. Again, many hands make light work. I know my Christmas wouldn’t be complete without delivering a basket to someone in need of a break. If you haven’t helped before, come out this year. I’ll warn you though, it’s a hard habit to break!

Finally, there are going to be some significant changes this year. As I mentioned, we will be seeing a lot of our neighboring Lodges as we partner not only for degree work and fundraisers, but also social events. The other Worshipful Masters are on board with the plan and we think that we can make more happen together. The Grand Lodge is making a push to improve communication, participation and education through the use of the Grandview system. We will be discussing this at our meetings throughout the year. They would like everyone to update their profile by logging onto freemason.com and clicking the members tab to get started. You’ll need your membership number from your dues card to register. We will have detailed instructions at the meetings if you are a Luddite, like me. We are also going to learn more about the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. For many years, we have been giving to the fraternity, now we need to find out what we can get back from it. As our Brethren age, this is becoming more important than ever. As you can see, this will be a busy year and there will be many reasons to attend Lodge if you haven’t in some time. We will have something of value to every Brother. I hope to see you in Lodge.

Fraternally and Sincerely:
Richard J. Amlung, PM
Worshipful Master
Hudson Lodge # 510


Gary H. Wolfe — Thomas W. Case — James R. Dietz
Carlton O. Barnett — Christopher M. Malcuit — Tyler J. Wylie
Alexander P. Herbert — Ryan M. Collins — Thomas E. Bender

In Memoriam
Brother Lewis W. Walker
Born: November 26,1920
Made an Entered Apprentice: April 09, 2005
Passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft: April 09, 2005
Raised to the Degree of Master Mason: April 09, 2005
Passed to the Celestial Lodge Above : March 19, 2019
Age: 98 Years
A Mason for: 14 Years

In Memoriam
Brother Frank B. Gladden
Born: August 05, 1930
Made an Entered Apprentice: November 13, 1972
Passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft: January 15, 1973
Raised to the Degree of Master Mason: March 12, 1973
Passed to the Celestial Lodge Above: March 23, 2019
Age 88 Years
A Mason for 46 Years

In Memoriam
Brother Theodoric H. Smith
Born: June 26, 1924
Made an Entered Apprentice: December 21,1959
Passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft: February 01,1960
Raised to the Degree of Master Mason: February 26, 1960
Passed to the Celestial Lodge Above : March 25, 2019
Age 94 Years
A Mason for 58 Years