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Masters Message – May/June 2019

May – June 2019


Another busy month has gone by and we have again accomplished much. We now have three additional Master Masons to congratulate. Bro. Chris Yozwiak attended the one-day class at the beginning of April, Bro. John J. Tomasulo attended another one-day class and Bro. Shawn Brown has returned his work in a fine manner after being our inspection candidate. Again, please join me in congratulating these brethren. We have also added a new Entered Apprentice to our lodge with Bro. Jason Williams receiving the EA on April 30th. Please join me in welcoming him into the fraternity.

Unfortunately, with the new blood coming in, we also saw the loss of several long-time members this spring. I would like to take a moment and recognize those we have recently lost. Bro’s Theodoric Smith, Lewis Walker, and Frank Gladden have all found comfort with the Supreme Architect of the Universe. Remember to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of these outstanding men and masons, whom we were fortunate enough to call brother.

If you happen to drive by the lodge, you may see many brethren hard at work as we have several indoor and outdoor projects and repairs coming up. Please stop by and say hello or lend a hand if you have the time. Even if you haven’t been in some time, or don’t recognize the brother there, stop and introduce yourself. There are several brethren we need to thank for their many efforts over the last several months. One of our stewards, Bro Bob Hoffstetter has been spending quite a bit of time on furnace repairs. W. Bro. Bill DeBlaey can often be seen handling the bulk of the yard clean-up. W. Bro. Jon Trimble has done some painting repair and updated the lighting inside the lodge. And finally, W. Bro. Ray Kilroy and W. Bro. Jeff Winters continue to spend a lot of time behind the scenes making sure our bills are paid, records are in order, and newsletters and other communications make it out in a timely fashion. Thank you all for your efforts towards the success and maintenance of our lodge.

At the end of May, we will have a fund-raise/community facing opportunity at the Memorial Day Parade. If you are in town, please come out and support your lodge, if only for a short time. Let’s try to break the trend of a few men doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of our interactions with the community. I hope to see many of you around that weekend. There will be more information coming as we finalize our plans for this important community event. And please, amongst all the BBQ, cookouts, and family gatherings, don’t lose sight of the purpose of the day. Let us remember the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of this great nation. And thank you to all veterans who have served beside them.

Fraternally and Sincerely:
Jacob A. Jackson, PM
Worshipful Master
Hudson Lodge # 510

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” — Bro. Benjamin Franklin


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